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What’s the point of walking in the desert? What equipment should people bring?

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People often ask incomprehensibly: Why is it sensational for someone to go hiking with a large bag on their back? Is it the pursuit of force? Or does hiking really have a unique taste?

In fact, walking in the desert is a kind of austerity, relying entirely on personal ability, not an external force, and only relying on one's own legs, not mechanical strength.


It's about measuring the earth step by step. It's the personal feelings that I feel bit by bit. It's not the moment when sitting in a car whizzing by at a speed of 60 yards per second. There is no vehicle to move around and no livestock to help you carry the weight. There is no way to go back to choose. It is still the same big mountain and big gully.


You have only one choice, climb and go, endure countless ups and downs, ups and downs, Endure the endless suffering; even if you are sweating, vomiting blood, and collapsing, you can only have one thought, I have to go on!


But there are a few points that are enough to compensate for your hardships along the way. Their value far exceeds the energy and financial resources you have expended. I think these few points alone are enough. The beauty of the hike is something you can never feel in other ways.


Hiking is more of a kind of spiritual practice. The destination you want to set foot in, the scenery along the way, and the experience on the road will make you meet a better self. Forget the unpleasant things while walking.

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We know that a place without water is called a desert, and a place with no people is particularly lonely. There is neither water nor people in the desert, but this difficult condition attracts many adventure enthusiasts.

So what do you need to prepare for desert trekking?


  • Desert travel equipment use and precautions-outdoor clothing

When traveling in the desert, one thing to remember is to wrap yourself tightly; the less exposed skin, the better. Some clothing colors are heat-absorbing, so choose light-colored fabric clothing to reflect sunlight and reduce skin temperature. Cotton clothing works well in the desert, and there is no fear of losing the temperature when traveling under the sun. It allows the heat to radiate, and although it is highly absorbent, it will not feel uncomfortable in the dry and hot desert. Keep warm at night. If the cotton underwear is not dry, you should replace it.


(1) Jackets: The sand in the desert is relatively large, and ordinary clothes cannot withstand sand and wind, but the special materials of jackets and jackets can resist sand and wind. Coupled with the warm material inside the jacket, it can also withstand the cold. The jacket is small in size and easy to carry. If the temperature is high in the desert, it can be put in a backpack at any time without adding any burden.


(2) Quick-drying underwear: It is best to choose quick-drying clothes for personal clothing. If you sweat on the way or encounter some other conditions, you can let the clothes dry in a short time without causing some discomfort. The refreshment and comfort of the whole journey will inevitably increase the pleasure of traveling.


  • Desert travel equipment use and precautions-middle and high shoes

The shoes should be middle-top or high-top shoes. Low-top shoes or running shoes are not suitable. Sand is easy to enter, and sometimes the whole shoe will sink into the sand. If the sand is hot, thick-soled hiking shoes have a better insulation effect. Also, remember to wear leg covers, which will help prevent sand from entering your shoes. Prepare two large, thick, sturdy plastic bags, one set with two feet when wading, and you can easily pass through with one hand. If you are going to cross the river barefoot, prepare a towel so that you can quickly dry your feet after crossing the river. If your shoes have poor waterproof performance, your feet may get wet in some riverside swamps in Kubuqi. Remember to maintain your wet feet in the camp, wash them, dry them, and apply oily skin cream overnight. Socks can't be made of cotton; wool and chemical fiber can be used.


(1) Trekking poles: walking in the desert will inevitably substitute sand into the shoes, and the soft dunes will also cause the feet to be "trapped."


(2) Hiking boots: A pair of hiking boots can solve these problems. The design of hiking boots can help provide grip and effectively prevent sand from pouring into the feet. The waterproof and breathability of hiking boots are the best among all footwear. Under the changing terrain of the desert, it can ensure effective support for the ankles, heels, and toes. It is essential equipment for desert trekking. Note that before putting on new shoes, run in for some time to ensure comfort.


(3) Shoe cover: It can effectively prevent sand from entering the inside of the shoe, and it can also avoid the troublesome situation of pouring the sand in the shoe after walking a few steps! Trekking poles can also help save energy, relieve pressure and pain on the knees, and help the follow-up journey.


  • Desert travel equipment use and precautions-headscarf

The head, face, ears, and nose are best covered with a magic turban. When the wind blows in Kubuqi in early April, these parts will be uncomfortably cold; after being wrapped, it will also block sand and prevent ultraviolet rays. You can also wear a woolen hat when it is cold and a wide-brimmed sun hat (tie it with a rope) when it is hot. The desert sun has a lot of direct and reflected radiant energy, which can easily lead to keratitis, similar to snow blindness. It is best to wear UV-proof and windproof goggles (at least sunglasses). Hands should wear gloves, on the one hand, to protect the sun, and on the other hand to prevent being scratched by desert plants (desert plants are hard and prickly).


(1) Sunglasses and hats: The sun in the desert is very dazzling. Except for tents and camps, there are very few places in the desert that can be shaded. Many people think that sunscreen is enough, but the facts tell you that you will get tanned too! Sunglasses and hats are very useful at this time. Sunglasses can block sand from entering the eyes, while hats can restrain loose hair and help block sunlight and ultraviolet rays, killing two birds with one stone. The hat is best to have a brim.


(2) Assault towel (turban): The assault towel has a wide range of uses. In terms of practicality, the assault towel can block the face, prevent ultraviolet rays, strengthen the sun protection effect, wipe sweat, resist wind and sand, and protect some sophisticated electronic equipment; from the aesthetics point of view, the baseball cap and the assault towel are very Eye-catching, more suitable for the desert!


  • Desert travel equipment use and precautions-night supplies

(1) Sleeping bag: The temperature difference between day and night in the desert is very large, and the night temperature can be as low as 0 degrees. The sleeping bag is a must-have item for desert camping, it can keep warm and cold, and it is also very convenient to carry.

(2) Tent: The tent is your only support at night. You can't sleep on the ground in the icy desert. The animals are vivacious in the desert at night, and the mosquitoes in the desert are very scary.

(3) Moisture-proof pad: Moisture-proof pad is a thing that cuts off the humidity and air-conditioning in the desert. You should bring a piece for your body.

(4) Lighting equipment: both camp lights and headlamps can be equipped. The desert at night is a little bit bright so that you are not so scared, and sometimes many people will rush at night, so headlamps are a must.


  • Desert travel equipment use and precautions-first aid kit

There are many medicines you need to prepare for walking alone in the desert: cold medicine, gastrointestinal medicine, medicine for timely treatment of wounds, and so on. Some stock medicines, such as anti-allergic, anti-viral, trauma, and anti-mosquito bite, are best carried with you.

In addition, you also need to bring some necessary hygiene products. For example, toiletries, women in a special period, or personal use items, etc. You can also bring some lip balm and the like.

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It is very unwise to walk in the desert without a professional leader and team leader. Nowadays, many organizations lead groups into the desert, but the most important thing is to select the most professional and most assured team. Finally, THRGO reminds everyone to take care of the environment, not throw garbage casually, and try to take the garbage out of the desert.

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