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Why are red headlamps so popular in European and American countries?

News Trade News2021-10-28 19:04:07

Headlamps are the most indispensable lighting tool for camping at night, freeing your hands when walking on the rough road and use as a lighting fixture in the tent at night. Today we introduce a headlamp-WindFire’s new brightest red light hunting headlamp, the best red light headlamp.

Red headlamps

Red headlamps

Unlike ordinary hunting lights, this latest hunting headlamp uses an unfiltered CREE XML-T6 red LED, brighter than other lights. It can reach 1000 lumens in high mode, and you will be surprised at its brightness; shrinking hunting headlamps used as spotlights can get 300 yards. When you search for a target, zoom in on floodlights to provide a wide field of view—free hands, very suitable for night hunting. The head has a 90º rotation capability, rotating it can shine in any direction you want! Practical, reliable, durable, waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomically designed elastic headband. Just half-press the switch on the head to choose between high/low/flash mode.

So what is the red light mode? Why are red headlamps so popular in European and American countries?

Red light is also the color light used by outdoor experts, especially in European and American countries. Hunting is popular in many countries in Europe and America, and red flashlights are also popular among hunting enthusiasts in Europe and America. The human retina contains two kinds of photosensitive tissues: pyramidal and rod cells, pyramidal cells distinguish colors, and rod cells determine contours. The reason why people can produce the sensation of color is precise because of the cone cells that exist in the retina. Many animals have rod cells or only a few pyramidal cells, resulting in insensitivity to color or even no color vision. Many of the prey under the rifle of hunters in Europe and America are these kinds of animals, which are particularly insensitive to red light. They are remarkably insensitive to red light. When hunting at night, they can use a red headlamp to sweep them unscrupulously, which significantly improves hunting efficiency.

Red headlamps

Domestic outdoor enthusiasts rarely have hunting experience, but the red light is still a practical color in outdoor activities. The eyes are adaptable-when the lighting color changes, the eyes need a process of adaptation and adjustment to adapt. Adaptability divide into dark adaptation and bright adaptation. Dark adaptation is the process of adapting from light to dark, which takes a long time. Bright adaptation is a process from dark to bright, and it takes a short time. When we use a white flashlight to illuminate outdoor activities, our vision changes from a brilliant place to a dark place; it is a dark adaptation and needs a long time. At this time, there will be short-term "blindness." Red light only requires a shorter adaptation time in dark adaptation, which can well avoid the problem of short-term "blindness." Let us treat our eyes better during night activities and maintain better night vision.

Red headlamps

The viewing angle of the green light feels a bit reddish—some expressions of green light from hunters on the Internet. When choosing the shooting assist light, I also prefer red. The scaring effect of red light on animals is weaker than that of green light. However, the green light can better distinguish prey when shooting at long range. Its relative brightness may be more applicable in areas with more domestic animals because it will likely attract nearby domestic animals (such as dogs) when calling for predators at night. Of course, 100% of the target must determine before the shooting, even for ordinary night hunting. Many hunters like to use green light when hunting wild boars at night because the body color of the wild boar itself is relatively dark, and the place of activity is often covered by dense vegetation so that it can be seen more clearly with green light. On the other hand, many experienced hunters also say that green light is not easy to scare wild boars.

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