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Why do I have to prepare headlamps when climbing?

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Today we will use simple and easy-to-understand text to share with you all the necessary knowledge when buying headlamps. Including why should I buy headlamps? How is it different from traditional flashlights? What does the waterproof rating mean? I hope that this article can turn on a beacon for beginners in the seemingly complicated world of headlamps.

Mountaineering headlamp

Lightweight climbing has always been the goal of climbers, but no matter how lightweight is pursued, headlamps are absolutely indispensable equipment. Then we will explain to you why the headlamps are important.

Heavy fog and other weather changes, and rugged mountain roads require auxiliary lighting from headlamps.

When going on a day trip or hiking in the countryside, many people think that there should be no need to prepare headlamps. However, not only is the sunset time on the mountain different from that of the flat land, the sky will turn black faster than you expect. At the same time, the climate change on the mountain is unpredictable. The sudden dense fog may also obscure the sight and the unevenness of the strangeness. On mountain roads, you may fall and be injured if you are not careful. Therefore, even if it is a short-distance mountain climbing trip that is only a round trip on the same day, it is recommended that you always carry your headlamps with you.

A flashlight is not enough! Headlamps can provide the complete lighting

Next, let us tell you how to choose a suitable headlamp for mountaineering!

According to different situations, choose a suitable lighting source mode.

The common lighting source modes of headlamps can be divided into the following three types. Next, we will explain the characteristics of each category. Please make sure to choose a suitable style according to your own needs.

Mountaineering headlamp

The "high beam mode" with strong concentrated light that can shine into the distance

This is the same concept as the high beam of a car and locomotive. It uses a focused, narrow beam to emit strong light, which can illuminate far away. The lighting range is far and concentrated. Even in the dark mountain forest at night or before dawn, the road ahead can be seen clearly. , Provide adequate lighting. But because the brightness is strong, it consumes more power, so don't forget to pay attention to the battery level when using it. In addition, if you look directly at this light source, it may cause eye discomfort, and you must be careful when using it.

The "low beam mode" has a large illumination range and is used to illuminate close distances.

This mode is mainly to illuminate the close range evenly with soft light, and the coverage will be much wider than that of the high beam mode. It is most suitable for general mountaineering and trekking or when performing various tasks at hand in a tent. The power consumption is relatively small, and the usable time is longer, but relatively because it is not intensively illuminated by strong light, it cannot be used to illuminate the distance for path detection.

Mountaineering headlamp

"Red light mode" that is not easy to interfere with others

The light in the red light mode is sufficient to illuminate the surrounding environment and has the lowest interference compared with other colors of light. Even at night, it will not stimulate the pupils. After turning off the lighting, the night vision can be restored quickly to adapt to the environment. Therefore, it is suitable for use in mountain houses and tents to avoid disturbing other travel friends. In addition to the main lighting, these products usually come with other small functions. If there are people who are camping or climbing, you may wish to choose a headlamp that suits your needs.

Confirm whether the headband is secure to protect your own safety

In addition to the lamp body itself, the headband also needs special attention when buying a headlamp. Straps that are too thin are easy to slide and have poor stability. Choose a wide enough headband, durable and easy to adjust the length of the elastic so that it can fit the head tightly, and it is not easy to move even with big movements. In addition, the fixing method of the headband is also a consideration when purchasing. If the fixing method is not simple enough, it will be troublesome to wear and remove it. If you need to wear it quickly in an emergency, it will also become an obstacle.

Choose a button design that is easy to operate, even with gloves.

The headlamps are basically used when the sky darkens. When the ambient light is insufficient, it is even difficult to see the keys on the headlamps. Therefore, whether the keys can be easily operated becomes an important key. It is recommended to choose a style with large enough buttons and simple operation so that it can be operated easily even when wearing gloves. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid complex products such as turntables that have to be fumbled and set in the dark.

Mountaineering headlamp

The easy-to-operate "integrated headlamp" is more suitable for general users.

According to the different battery installation positions, headlamps can be subdivided into two types. The first is the "one-piece headlamp" with the battery pack itself located on the lamp body. This is also the most common type of headlamp. Due to its simple structure, it is relatively easy to replace the battery. However, the disadvantage is that the center of gravity easily deviates, and it feels heavy.

The other is a "separate headlamp"

in which the battery pack must be connected to the lamp body through a wire. The structure is complicated, and assembly is difficult. In addition, the volume is usually large, so it is a bit troublesome to carry and store. However, the advantage is that it is easy to maintain balance, and there are more high-lighting styles to choose from. But basically, unless there is professional demand, the simple-to-operate "integrated headlamp" is still our recommended type.

Choose from the type of battery.

The type of battery used in the headlamp is also the key point that must be paid attention to when purchasing. The following will briefly explain the differences between the various types. You can choose according to your needs.

A "lithium battery" that is more convenient and more versatile than alkaline batteries

When using alkaline batteries, the brightness of the lighting will gradually decrease as the power is depleted. In low-temperature environments, it is more likely to cause insufficient power due to voltage drops. The biggest advantage of lithium batteries is that the brightness is not easy to be significantly reduced at the last moment of use, and they are not easily affected by low temperatures, so they are much more versatile than alkaline batteries.

In addition, when shopping for battery-based products, don't forget to take the spare battery or charger into consideration. Being able to share the same battery and charger headlamps with other equipment will be your most convenient and good choice.

Mountaineering headlamp

Understand the so-called "waterproof rating."

"Waterproof" is a very important function in mountaineering equipment. It can play a role in sudden rains and emergencies. Most of the products with the waterproof function will be represented by "IPX+number". IP is the so-called international protection level certification, which is used to indicate the degree of waterproofness. The larger the number, the better the waterproof performance, so don't forget to choose the appropriate waterproof performance according to your needs.

IPX0: Without any waterproof function.

IPX1: Anti-drip type. It can block vertical dripping liquid without negative effects.

IPX2: Anti-drip type. It can block liquid dripping from about 15° with no negative effects.

IPX3: Anti-spray type. It can block liquid dripping from about 60° with no negative effects.

IPX4: Splash-proof type. It can block liquid spilled from any angle without negative effects.

IPX5: Anti-low pressure spray type. It can block the liquid sprayed by the nozzle from any angle without negative effects.

IPX6: Anti-high-pressure jet type. It can block the liquid sprayed by the powerful nozzle from any angle without negative effects.

IPX7: Anti-intrusion type. Under clear water pressure conditions, there is no negative impact even if the equipment is directly immersed in water. (Usually based on the immersion depth of 1m and the endurance time of 30 minutes)

IPX8: Water-type. Even if it is continuously immersed in water more than 1m deep, there is no negative effect.

Remarks: Sometimes, you will see a representation such as IP68. The first number 6 is the dustproof index, and the second number 8 is the waterproof index. IPX8 means that the dustproof index is 0, and the waterproof index is the highest level 8.

Mountaineering headlamp

Headlamps are indispensable equipment for mountaineering and may be able to save your life in an emergency. Therefore, do not neglect it when buying. Instead, spend a little more money to buy a headlamp with both quality and practicality. Greatly improve safety:

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