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Why do we need headlamps?

News Trade News2021-08-18 00:08:56

For hiking and mountaineering, headlamps are definitely one of the indispensable pieces of equipment. Even when we travel back and forth on the day, we will also prepare the headlamps in our backpacks. Why? Mainly because I am not sure whether my climbing schedule will end at night or if I will go up the mountain before early morning.

Especially in winter, the daytime is shorter, and it may be earlier in the mountains. When the sky darkens, headlamps will increase the sense of security when the line of sight is poor and can also have a higher ability to recognize the surrounding environment and walk more safely.

Then why do we use headlamps? Is the flashlight of a mobile phone irreplaceable?

To share with everyone here, we do not recommend using flashlights because, during the journey, it is impossible to determine whether you will need to grab/take things in your hands. It may be trekking poles, or it may be special. The terrain requires ropes, etc. At this time, it is more convenient and safer to have two hands. And the flashlight of the mobile phone is not bright enough, and it is better to save electricity and use the GPS positioning APP to be more practical!

For the above reasons, as long as we go up the mountain, we go out with our headlamps.


If you don't know how to choose a headlamp, I can recommend one for you. It has the following excellent properties:

  1. A variety of brightness can be adjusted, providing applications on different occasions, reasonable power saving.
  2. 90 degrees up and down adjustment design, more humane, more convenient to use.
  3. USB charging port You can use the computer's USB port, mobile power supply, or adapter to connect and charge.
  4. SOS Survival Whistle. When an emergency occurs, the siren is more effective than shouting!


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