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Why use headlamps? There are so many outdoor headlamps, how to choose?

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When climbing or camping, we often encounter situations where we need to be in the dark. No matter you are engaged in any outdoor activities, every time you enter the night, in an environment where you can’t see your fingers, lighting equipment is undoubtedly very necessary outdoor equipment, especially our personal safety is closely related. However, the purchase of headlamps must be one of the questions that friends who are just getting started will hesitate for a long time. Especially because the price difference of headlamps for mountaineering is very wide, it makes it difficult to decide which one to buy, and what is the difference between the expensive one and the cheap one? How to choose to meet your needs?

Being afraid of the dark seems to be one of the human instincts, not to mention the invisible night, which seems to be an unimaginable state for us who are used to living in a brightly lit city. If there is no trace of fire in the mountains at night, the psychological pressure will increase at this time. Even the sounds of small animals passing through the grass can make us fearful and cranky.

Let us use this article to give you a brief introduction!

[Why do we need headlamps?]

For hiking and mountaineering, headlamps are one of the indispensable pieces of equipment. Even when we travel back and forth on the day, we will also prepare the headlamps in our backpacks. Why? I am not sure if I will go tonight or go up the mountain before early morning.

Especially in winter, the daytime is shorter, and it may be earlier in the mountains. When the sky darkens, headlamps will increase the sense of security when the line of sight is poor and can also have a higher ability to recognize the surrounding environment and walk more safely.

Then why do we use headlamps? Is the flashlight of a mobile phone irreplaceable?

To share with everyone here, we do not recommend using flashlights because, during the journey, it is impossible to determine whether you will need to grab/take things in your hands. It may be trekking poles, or it may be special. The terrain requires ropes, etc. At this time, it is more convenient and safer to have two hands. And the flashlight of the mobile phone is not bright enough; it is better to save electricity and use the GPS positioning APP to be more realistic!

For the above reasons, as long as we go up the mountain, we go out with our headlamps. However, as I said initially, the price range of headlamps is quite broad, so how do you choose a suitable headlamp?


In fact, the difference in headlamps mainly comes from the following points:


Waterproofing has gradually become one of the indicators of the versatility of various electronic products, and the price difference of headlamps with or without waterproof function is also quite large. Water-resistance is a very important indicator for headlamps because it may not necessarily be good weather when using headlamps, but it may also be a condition of heavy rain. There should be no one who hopes that when the vision is poor at night, and it is raining, they are already walking cold and tired, and they can't use their headlamps yet (should they want to cry.)


2.Battery / rechargeable battery

In addition to the common AAA and AAA batteries, some batteries use large-capacity rechargeable batteries used by mobile power sources such as 18650. In addition to increasing the time of use, they are relatively more environmentally friendly than ordinary batteries. And some headlamps are suitable for different types of batteries, such as special rechargeable batteries and ordinary AAA and AAA batteries for switching. This can also be used when the rechargeable battery is dead; immediately change to a normal battery and continue to use it, so you are not afraid of accidents that suddenly run out on the mountain.


3.Brightness (lumens)

The simplest reference value for judging the brightness of the headlamp, we call it lumens. When choosing a headlamp, the most important point of reference is definitely its brightness. So what is a lumen? Lumens is a unit used internationally to express luminous flux. The higher the number, the brighter the headlamp. It can be regarded as an indicator of the brightness of the headlamp.

In the beginning, when buying headlamps, we used 100 lumens headlamps. Because I wanted to say that you can't see your fingers in the mountains at night, so a little bit of light should be very bright, so we didn't choose ahead with high lumens. The lamp comes to use. However, after using it for a while, we would recommend buying a headlamp with more than 200 lumens. Why?

Because he has a very important influence-a sense of security, on the mountain at night, it is easy to feel nervous and scared because of the inability to reach out. At this time, the lumens are a little higher, you can see a larger range, and it will give you a sense of peace of mind. And when we are walking in the evening/before dawn, the leading members will recommend buying headlamps with higher lumens because there is a need to find a way; it is always more convenient to light up. High-lumen headlamps can also be used as one of the small props for photography!


4.Endurance/use time

Of course, the endurance/use time of the headlamp is also a very important consideration. Especially headlamps with different segments of high brightness and low brightness will have different use times. This is extremely important during long days of vertical travel. It is necessary to consider whether the use time of the headlamp can meet the needs of the trip and to have the corresponding ability to cope with the current situation.

There is also a special feature here: the constant current design of the battery; what is this? Presumably, everyone has experience. After the headlamp has not been used for long, the light will weaken with the decrease of power. Even if the headlamp can be used for 30 hours, after 10 hours, the light will be noticeably weaker, even at 20. Although the headlamps are on for around hours, they are hardly helpful for lighting. This is the relationship without constant current design. The headlamps with a constant current design can maintain a certain lumen value during use to increase the safety of users. It will not slowly weaken until the electricity is almost gone.


5.Red light

The function of red light is mainly in the camp, when other people are resting, and you need to use the light, do not use white light as much as possible, because it is too dazzling to make others' eyes uncomfortable, even after your shooting The mountain friends woke up in shock. But what should I do if the light is used again at this time? At this time, the demand for red light will appear, and the little helper will appear! Red light is less disturbing to the sleeping friends, and people who need some light to find things, or go to the toilet at night, etc., will be of considerable help.


6.Special design (heat dissipation, charging)

In addition, there are some other design functions for your reference. We give some examples that we think are more special because each product has some slight differences.

(1)The most common is the design of multi-segment brightness and flashing light. Even some relatively high-level headlampshave red, green and blue small lights that can be switched; generally, the flashing light function is used as an emergency call Time signal to use.

(2)Headlamps with high lumens will require a special heat dissipation design, resulting in a slightly heavier overall weight. This is because when the LED is at a high temperature, the light intensity will weaken very quickly, and the headlampmay feel darker and darker under long-term use.

(3)Highly waterproof headlamps, in addition to the rubber o-ring on the battery cover to strengthen the waterproof, some also use special magnetic charging so that you can charge the battery without opening the cover to make the headlamp Has a higher strength of water resistance.

(4)Focus ring design. There is a focus ring design. Turning the focus ring when needed will increase the irradiation distance a lot. This allows us to easily see the road conditions in the distance without having to go a little closer to confirm.



The warranty period represents the manufacturer's confidence in their products and has a sense of responsibility to consumers. In case the product is out of condition, you can find someone to repair it after going down the mountain.

The above are some of the problems that we will pay special attention to when buying headlamps for mountaineering.

If possible, it is also recommended to choose the most suitable headlamp for different itineraries. Friends who have no clue when shopping might as well choose according to our items here: you will know which one suits your needs better by comparison!


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