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You may wish to refer to the advantages and disadvantages of night fishing headlamps and electronic drift and choose a solution that suits you.

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As the temperature gets higher and the weather gets hotter, many fishermen are unwilling to expose themselves to the sun, so they choose cool nights for night fishing. There are many benefits of night fishing. For example, the temperature is not as high as during the day, the water temperature is comfortable, the surroundings are relatively quiet, and the probability of catching big fish is relatively high. Although night fishing has so many advantages, there are also many disadvantages. The most obvious thing is that there is no natural light source for night fishing, and it is difficult for us to accurately cast the rod to the same position when throwing the rod. Another is that it is a bit inconvenient to fish and pick up the fish.

As an indispensable artifact in night fishing, night fishing headlamps can enhance the brightness and clarity of the floats with the help of the light absorption of the fluorescent tails in the dark night environment.

However, the enhanced visibility of this float has not been recognized by all fishing enthusiasts, and even a large number of night fishing enthusiasts chose to give up after using it and switch to a more bulky luminous float. The main reasons are For the following three points, first, long-term use, blue light causes an overload on the eyes, causing eyes to look bleak and double images; second, the light focusing effect is poor, as the aperture increases, the focusing light is easy to diverge, and the brightness within the aperture range Inconsistent (flooding) makes it difficult to see drift; thirdly, as the light is used longer, the brightness will gradually decay, and the brightness in the aperture will become darker and darker.

The first situation:

Fortunately, friends who like night fishing came up with two solutions, and night fishing headlamps and electronic drifters were born. Although these two methods can solve the light source problem, the question is whether to use a night fishing headlamp or an electronic drift? The editor summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of electronic drifting headlamps and night fishing headlamps for those who are still wandering between night fishing headlamps and electronic drifting headlamps. Fishing friends may wish to refer to it and choose a solution that suits them.

If you plan to go out for night fishing occasionally, then the editor recommends electronic drift. The electronic drift is cost-effective. You can buy one for ten to twenty dollars, and it is easy to carry. Adding a headlamp for ten dollars can be used to set off the pole. If you are a senior fishing friend, often go out night fishing. Then you can choose night fishing headlamps; it is best to choose a bait light function and then match a headlamp. Using night fishing headlamps, we can use the daytime fishing floats, and the lights are very clear on the fishing floats.

The second situation:

For example, for night fishing in a reservoir, some fishing positions are in a clear water area, and there are no aquatic plants or dead branches around. Electronic floats can be used instead of worrying about hanging the bottom or hanging grass. If there are many dead branches and aquatic plants around the fishing position, night fishing headlamps must be used. If you use electronic drift, it is very easy to hang the bottom and the grass because there is no auxiliary light source.

The fishing environment can be roughly divided into two types, one is field fishing, and the other is black pit fishing. Schools of fish in the wild are accustomed to natural light sources. In the dark night, a light source hits the den, and the schools of fish will immediately escape. I rarely see people using night fishing headlamps during night fishing in reservoirs, and most of them use electronic floats.

If you are fishing in the black pit, most of them will use night fishing headlamps, and they are of the kind of thousands. Because most of the fish in the black pit is slippery, the mouth is very light. Unlike the wild waters, the float is either top float or black float, so there are certain requirements for lighting.

Advantages and application environment of LED lights

LED night fishing headlamps are the main object described in this article, and they are also one of the most frequently used by fishing enthusiasts. The common colors of LED night fishing headlamps are divided into four types: yellow, white, purple, and blue. Among them, the purple light damages the eyes. More seriously, many brands of night fishing headlamps have given up on adding purple lights.

Because the LED night fishing headlamp adopts cold-light LED light-emitting unit, it does not generate a lot of heat, so it is much smaller than the Xenon light, which means it is lighter in weight and easier to carry, suitable for the wild fishing environment And disable the use of hernia lamp in the black pit.
However, because of the strong adaptability and wide range of use, the quality and price of LED night fishing headlamps vary greatly. The prices range from tens to thousands, just like the second and third points mentioned in the opening article. It is caused by poor quality. Generally, the price is more than 150 yuan, and these two deficiencies almost no longer appear. In the following night fishing headlamp selection criteria, the big coffee will elaborate on it.

Summary: In addition to LED and Xenon night fishing headlamps, laser light has recently emerged. Its advantages are not flooding, which means that it will not be produced with the increase of the aperture like LED night fishing headlamps. Fuzziness, low heat dissipation and small size, but because it does not have a focusing function, it requires higher accuracy of night fishing rod throwing, and there is no production by large manufacturers. Most of them are assembled in small factories, and their durability is unknown. To be considered.

The main criteria for the selection of night fishing headlamps

When selecting night fishing headlamps, in addition to ensuring the illumination distance, the more important selection criteria are adjustable brightness, adjustable aperture, adjustable color, use time, constant current, lens effect, luminous process, of which constant current, Lens and luminous technology are an important basis for judging whether a night fishing lamp is qualified. Their pros and cons directly determine the imaging effect of the night fishing lamp (flooding, dimming, etc.).

Lens and light-emitting technology are the main factors affecting whether or not flooding.

With the increase of the aperture or the irradiation distance, the night fishing headlamp will have obvious flooding; that is, the brightness of the aperture will be different. Most of this phenomenon is caused by insufficient Lens and light-emitting manufacturing technology; for example, the light-emitting module is not frosted. Processing or black processing, which will result in a reflective effect at the bonding area, which will cause two kinds of mapped brightness. One is the dim floodlight area of ​​the outer circle of the LED light brightness, which is because the unprocessed bonding area is flooded.
Of course, it is not only improper handling of the fitting that will cause the flooding effect, but also the poorly penetrating Lens will also cause the flooding effect. The best way to distinguish is through the naked eye. If the picture appears disordered through the naked eye, for example, The common unqualified Lens has the effect of large and small, which proves that the light transmission effect of this Lens is not good, resulting in light dispersion after the light passes through.

Extension: In addition to the flooding caused by insufficient Lens and luminous technology, the reflection of stainless steel inside the lamp cap will also cause flooding because white stainless steel will also have a reflected light effect, which will cause light decay and cause flooding.

Non-functional impact criteria: brightness, aperture, color and length of use

These four reference standards will not affect the normal use of night fishing headlamps but will cause inconvenience in use under certain circumstances. For example, when the sun has not completely set, the outdoor environment has begun to darken, and the naked eye has already. It is difficult to see the float clearly. Even if the night fishing headlamp has blue and white light, it cannot be effectively improved. In this case, the characteristics of the yellow light source need to be used to increase the visual effect of the float. Therefore, when choosing a night fishing headlamp, you should choose. It has three light sources: white, blue and yellow.
The duration of use affects the length of our night fishing. Under normal circumstances, choosing a night fishing headlamp with a strong light effect that can last for 10 hours is sufficient. After all, night fishing is too long, and the body cannot stand it. Use rechargeable lights to avoid. There was no electricity during night fishing.

The above is my analysis of night fishing headlamps and electronic drift. Some friends will definitely say that electronic drift should be used for black pits and night fishing headlamps in the wild. The editor analyzes this way based on the data he has seen in the area where he is located. Of course, electronic drift and night fishing headlamps are used in different environments in each area. When choosing a night fishing light source, fishermen should choose according to their own area, water area and fish situation and cannot blindly adopt it.
There are many night fishing headlamps with three light sources and four light sources; you are welcome to choose here:

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