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You need to prepare these five things for fishing at night!

News Trade News2021-09-02 19:45:56

“The breeze is coming slowly, and the water waves are swaying,” Fishing in the quiet night is worth looking forward to. However, if you want to play night fishing, it is not so easy. A good fishing headlamp is essential.

Night fishing

1. Necessary lighting appliances

In my personal opinion, choose a suitable headlamp to solve the problem of night fishing lighting. Of course, there are other night fishing lights to choose from, but I like to use headlamps as the main lighting for night fishing. Because headlamps for night fishing can free the angler's hands, it is very convenient to carry out operations such as raising rods, changing bait, and picking fish for protection, so I think that headlamps are the best choice for night fishing lighting. Now the standard headlamps on the market that replace ordinary bulbs with LED luminous tubes are very suitable. The headlamp I used, the high-power battery can be turned around and charged by USB, the LED flashlight headlamp, the lighting time can reach up to 18 hours. There are many kinds of night fishing lighting equipment in the fishing tackle market. It feels that the price is high. Otherwise, it is too bulky and impractical when .using headlamps when fishing at night; one point should be noted, that is, do not turn on the headlamps uninterruptedly for a long time. Because the lights dangling on the water surface, it is easy to disturb the fish and affect the bite; simultaneously, the swaying lights make the brightness of the luminous rod on the float relatively decrease, which affects the drifting. When you see a signal from the float, use the fish in the rod with one hand and turn on the headlamp with the other. Headlamp. The advantage of this is that the mosquitoes can be appropriately reduced, and the battery consumption can be saved simultaneously. To add, if you wear a headlamp for a long time, you will feel a sense of swelling and pressure on your head. You should take off the headlamp at intervals (about half an hour) and relax your head so that you can feel more comfortable. At the same time, prepare a flashlight (the LED cold light source luminous tube should also be selected. There are both rechargeable and battery-operated in the market, compact in structure and convenient to carry), which can be prepared for emergency use of temporary environmental lighting.

2. Essential mosquito repellent supplies

① Mosquito coils. They are sold in small department stores, which are very cheap. When in use, according to the length of night fishing time, cut a plate of mosquito coils into several pieces, light them separately, and place them around the fishing position to get rid of mosquitoes around. Generally speaking, a good quality mosquito has a strong fragrance and a large smoke, and it burns for a long time. If a plate is divided into several sections and used simultaneously, it can be used for more than 6 hours. Because the mosquito coil contains chrysanthemum, it has a strong medicinal smell. After taking the mosquito coil, wash your hands to remove the peculiar smell so as not to mix into the bait and affect the effect.

② Cooling oil or wind oil essence. Available in general medicine stores. When fishing at night, spray and apply cooling oil and wind oil on the back of your hands, neck or collar, hats and trousers, socks, etc., which can effectively reduce mosquito harassment. The hands-on bait should be cleaned to get rid of the peculiar smell.

3. Essential fishing tackle and equipment

From personal night fishing experience, using floats and luminous rods for night fishing is the most suitable and economical. Although there are many kinds of electronic light-emitting floats (including single-point light-emitting and multi-point light-emitting) on the market, the effect in actual use is not very satisfactory due to the limitation of its design and battery supply. From the actual effect of night fishing, the size of the luminous rod should be about 3 mm in diameter, and the best length is 25 to 40 mm. Too thick or too long will affect the drift adjustment and viewing.

Lights during night fishing

4. Essential auxiliary equipment

① Prepare the missed rope. After the fishing rod line set is ready for drifting, tie the rod firmly with a missed rope to avoid inadvertently dragging the rod away when encountering a big fish.

②Prepare spare batteries or rechargeable flashlights. The most important thing for night fishing is lighting. Be sure to prepare spare batteries or emergency flashlights to prevent temporary accidents from affecting night fishing.

③Bring a mobile phone with sufficient battery power for contact.

Lights during night fishing

5. Essential night fishing techniques

①Line group. The line set used for night fishing can be the same as that used for typical day fishing or slightly thicker than the line set used for day fishing.

② Use float. For night fishing, if you use a combination of floats and luminous rods, you should first choose a suitable float. Choosing a medium and long-tail float with a higher buoyancy is necessary, and the float can stand upright after installing the luminous rod. Otherwise, the float will be skewed in the water, or it will not be able to turn over at all.

③Adjust drift. The night fishing time-space hook floats to level the water, and the length of the luminous rod is fished (that is, when the fishing eye is set, the luminous rod is exposed to the surface of the water as a whole). Generally, small movements can be ignored, and the fish can be caught by raising the rod when it slowly pulls black or rises at a constant speed.

④ Watch drifting. Night fishing and drifting are not the same as during the day, and it is clearer and more accurate than during the day. When the dark area between the light of the luminous rod and the light reflected on the water surface increases, it is "lifting" (the float rises at a constant speed), and the light gradually decreases until it slowly disappears, which is "black drift." It can be said that the drifting signal of night fishing has obvious characteristics and clear movements, and it can raise the rod and catch the fish with the movement.

The importance of headlights during night fishing

If you are also interested in night fishing and don't know how to choose a good headlamp, you can choose here.

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