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BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Rechargeable Headlamp,red led hunting headlamp

BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Rechargeable Headlamp,red led hunting headlamp




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About this item

  • Ultra Bright Red Headlamp : With XML-T6 LED Main White Light and XP-E R2 2 LED Side Red lights ,maximum can up to 5000 lumens ,you can enjoy your camping, hiking, cycling, climbing and other outdoor activity.
  • Red light Headlamp : the human eye is most sensitive to the red range of light; The red light help you navigate in remote areas but cannot usually be seen from a great distance. Animals are not spooked by a red light headlamp, great tool for fishing & hunting.
  • 3 Lighting Mode : High White Light-Low White Light-Red Light ,which can meet your needs in different circumstance .
  • Upgraded Rechargeable Headlamp : Compared with old RJ-3000 ,it is a Upgrade version. Micro USB Interface ,you can charge it at any place and can be used as a emergency power bank .The view angle of the light is adjustable , so you won’t be tired when you with this headlamp.Much convenient and safer .
  • Package&Warranty :It comes with a head lamp , a US charger, a USB cable ,2 Rechargeable 18650 Battery. All BORUiT headlamps come with a one year manufacturers warranty .
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