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DARKBEAM Hard hat Headlamp COB LED Floodlight with Red Light,hard hat flashlight

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DARKBEAM Hard hat Headlamp COB LED Floodlight with Red Light,hard hat flashlight




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  • ✔HANDS FREE ,HASSLE FREE---Why waste your time and money fiddling with flashlights and buying extra batteries? With DARKBEAM rechargeable headlamp you can have a reliable, hands-free led headlight to brighten up your environment, leaving you free to work, read, and explore whenever and wherever you want. Do not hesitate to get floodlight bright headlights newest designs.
  • ✔SUPER BRIGHT AND SOFT LIGHT & NOT DAZZLING---The arc-shaped COB light source is used, the light is soft and uniform, and it will not harm the eyes while illuminating. Four lighting modes: strong white light-weak white light-red light-red light strobe. USB rechargeable design --- equipped with two 3400 mAh high-capacity 18650 lithium batteries, which can be used for more than 7 hours under strong light, and more than 14 hours under low light.
  • ✔WATERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR USE---Practical, Reliable, Durable. Head 90º swivel ability, rotate it to shine literally any direction you want ! Rated as IPX4 water resistant grade :on the outside, there’s a waterproof switch that’s safe to use even when it’s raining; on the inside, there’s high-quality, leakage-resistant, waterproof wiring, there to make sure your light stays on even when that rain is soaking through.Click the "ADD TO CART "Button Now!
  • ✔FIT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY ---With a little help from the adjustable headband, you should be able to tailor this most COST-EFFECTIVE head lamp to pretty much any friend, neighbor, or family member who joins in your outdoor (and indoor!) adventures.
  • ✔Yes, We Mean Infinite Uses: Use these head lamps to keep both your hands free when you’re working on a project in the garage, have one ready when the power goes out, or stock up on a whole set so you can take your family hiking and spelunking in safety- you won’t be running out of uses for this DARKBEAM creation any time soon !
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