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Led Headlamp, Upgraded Version Motion Sensor Headlamp,best head torch for hiking

Led Headlamp, Upgraded Version Motion Sensor Headlamp,best head torch for hiking




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  • [Upgraded version motion sensor headlamp] LED headlamp uses advanced P90 chip, up to 2000 high lumens. The farthest brightness can reach 1600 feet. Easily illuminate the dark environment. In motion sensor mode, you can turn on/off the light by waving your hand, which is convenient and avoids the situation of dirty headlight.
  • [IPX5 waterproof and three modes] Waterproof headlamp is made of high-quality aluminum alloy + ABS material, which is more durable. IPX5 waterproof, adapt to extreme weather such as rain and snow outdoors. Super bright headlamp has 3 lighting modes: strong light-low light-strobe , to meet your various needs.
  • [Rechargeable USB input/output] Rechargeable headlamp has a USB charging port on the side, which is waterproof and dustproof. Rechargeable USB headlamp can be charged by a mobile power supply, car charger and USB socket. It can also be used as a charging tool for electronic devices. There is a power indicator light above the headlight to help you grasp the battery status.
  • [90° Rotation and Zoom Function] Rechargeable LED headlamp can be rotated 90 degrees for more flexible lighting. The focus can be adjusted by rotating the headlight. Zoom out is a spotlight for long-distance observation, and zoom in is a floodlight for wide-range illumination. Meet your different lighting needs.
  • [Comfortable adjustable headband]Headlamp is very suitable for adults, the headband is comfortable and flexible, and can be adjusted at will. It is an indispensable tool for cycling, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, fishing and other outdoor activities. It is light and easy to carry.
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