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LETOUR Bright Lumen Rechargeable headlamp Cree T6 LED Headlamp,work headlamp

LETOUR Bright Lumen Rechargeable headlamp Cree T6 LED Headlamp,work headlamp




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  • 【FREE YOUR HANDS,BRIGHTEST HEADLAMP!】Are you still worrying about doing things at night for the sake of lighting up? Try LETOUR headlight, free your hands and make your work easier. 6000 Lumen headlamp with 3 Cree T6 LEDs to shine brighter and longer then you imagine.
  • 【4 MODES TO FIT ANY SITUATIONS】Just press the button at the top of main light to change the lighting mode as you like, roll the main light to fit your focus setting. Need wider or more focus, low or high brightness, or the bright emergency-ready strobe light? All available with this premium USB rechargeable LED headlamp.
  • 【ONE SET FITS ALL】With the help of the adjustable headband, this rechargeable headlight can pretty much any shapes of head, whether you are wearing a helmet or not. It can be always comfortable and suitable.
  • 【PREMIUM OUTDOOR KITS】 The rechargeable headlamp will stay on even in rainy or snowy days. There are quality silicone cover and leakage-resistant, waterproof wiring, all of these create a strong waterproof function.
  • 【WONDERFUL ACCESSORIES】Package with premium head lamp, 2 high quality rechargeable batteries, 1 car charger, and 1 power adapter. Working time up to 12 hours when fully charged. Comes with a long-term warranty and friendly customer service.
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