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Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight with 4 Modes and 4 High Capacity Batteries, led hard hat light

Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight with 4 Modes and 4 High Capacity Batteries, led hard hat light




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  • 👍【High Quality Ultra-bright】👍 This ultra-brightheadlamp features 3 Cree LED bulbs,The brightness of the lamp is 2 times that of an ordinary LED.the shine is strong, bright, and long,Leaving you free to work, read, bicycling and explore whenever and wherever you want.
  • 👍【4 * 18650 rechargeable batteries】👍 Two pairs of large-capacity rechargeable batteries, including separate battery fast chargers and USB charging cables, can make two pairs of batteries fully charged at the same time, and can always keep one pair of batteries working, and one pair of batteries in The state of charging.
  • 👍【Super Light Adjustable】👍 Rechargeable headlamp has a longer strap, easy to adjust, can be removed for cleaning. People with larger heads or those who want to wear a hat will not worry. The headlight uses a comfortable elastic headband, which can easily adjust the length to fit your head size, which is very suitable for adults and children.
  • 👍【4-Mode LED Light】👍 Head 90º swivel ability, rotate it to shine any direction you want ! rotate it to shine any direction you want! Zoom the focus to complete the work or reduce the distance. Safety: The red indicator light on the battery holder plays a warning role in night walking or cycling!
  • 👍【Customer service】👍 IPX-4 Water Resistant,Headlamp protects against splashing water from anywhere, no need to worry about rains, snow. A helpful tool for camping, caving, climbing, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, car repairing, or emergency.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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